Patch Diary 1.32ny

Sorry for the relative silence from our side, we are working day and night for the Gold Edition release. I can't really give you an official ETA, sorry, but what I can tell is that we will release a patch for the latest 1.32 fixing the biggest battle problems (circling characters, hangs on Autobattle, no magic in autobattle and so on), as well as fixing other problems (like not being able to do magic in the first camp after starting the game). Moreover, we were able to accelerate the battle on speed multiplication levels of more than 1 significantly. I just did a test autobattle with 4 combatants on factor 8, and the whole thing was over in no more than 10 seconds.

And we found a signifcant slowdown problem with one of our fixes right before the holidays, which can have an impact of as much as 50% of the frame rate, which is also already fixed in our beta.

The Spinning-Character-Problem (and about 30 more smaller and larger Modifications) should be (finally) fixed with the current Betabuild, official Patch follows on Tuesday at the latest.

The Release Candidate is uploading at the moment, unfortunately at a crawling pace. As soon as it has our testers approval, it will go live for all. At current speed this will most probably be early tomorrow (GMT+2), sorry.

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