Patch 1.32xmas - December 24th, 2013 4:30pm (GMT+2)

  • New Statusicons for “Character overencumbered”, “Character is fighting barehanded”, and “Character yields a broken weapon”
  • Goblins now have Sounds
  • Ranged Weapons now have a sound
  • Female Soundeffects for female player Characters introduced
  • Spell “Rust Iron” unlocked
  • Campfights now just for Advanced mode (before just for Beginnersmode)
  • NPC-Walker in Thorwal fixed
  • Weapontrader Depth of Field fixed
  • Steam-Achievements fixed
  • Attributo-Effect doesn’t stack any more
  • Wand Ritual checks fixed
  • NPC-Companion time storage fixed
  • AI-Battle-Magic-hangs caught
  • Graphic Glitch in Vidsand fixed
  • Minimaps in Dungeons fixed
  • two additional Achievements for Eastereggs (Thank you for the Idea Fujak!)
  • Mac-Version operational again
  • Linux-Launcher outputlog activated
Firefox ist immer schuld :)

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