Patch Diary 1.32

Works on Patch 1.32 are fully commencing, main features will be reworked NPCs (which are already quite a look, Pictures as soon as they are "presentable") as well as Modding-Ability including Map and Travelroutes, 2D-Overlays for House- and Moodscenes and of course new Towns and Dungeons. Additional Content, more Features and Bugfixes as always are on the Todo as well, we expect the Patch for the end of next week.
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Had to do a quick rollback to fix the Daspota Treasure Cave, the lower level was severly broken (missing floor...). But it should be fine and operational now.
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Work on one of the most significant parts of the optical experience is commencing, namely a complete rework of the user interface, while of course still continueing work on redoing the NPCs. Unfortunately work on both parts is slower than expected, which is why a patch this week is still possible, but currently unlikely.
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The NPC rework is hard at work, but it unexpectedly takes far longer than originally planed, so a Live-Patch this week is definitely off the table. The new User Interface will need some getting used to, because it breaks with the current "buttons to the right" scheme and therefore is vastly different to use than the original Blade of Destiny. We also made a great progress on Performance Optimization in Towns independent of the new NPCs.
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Sorry for the long delay since the last update, the new User Interface and there especially the reworked Character Screen takes a lot longer than originally anticipated. We think that we will be able to launch into Beta for 1.32 this week, and that the patch will be available to the public by next week.
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Beta testing of the new release is commencing, and we are confident to have the most bugs ironed out in the next days. Upgrading to Unity 4.3 not only brought a myriad of improvements to Performance, but also fixed a long-standing crash bug with damaged Windows Font Files.
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Unfortunately the betatests are still running, the massive Upgrades of 1.32 (new NPCs, new User Interface, new Unity-Major-Version, Modding-Abilities) take accordingly long to test and fix, as we are trying really hard to get the update to you with as few bugs as possible. Anyways, our betatesters are quite intrigued by the new Interface and the whole new design, it is "different", but seemingly quite easy to use :). As already mentioned, we are trying hard to complete this final Patch before the Goldrelease this week.
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I completely forgot to tell you: The Linux version is finally fixed and ready for deployment, so starting with 1.32, we are natively compatible :).
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No worries, we didn't forget the patch, and it will be definitely out before the holidays. But we want to get it "right", which is why it is taking still a little longer until we are satisfied with the result. Please don't see it as stalling, but as one of the things we learned: better let it "mature" a little longer than push it out unfinished.
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The Patch is finally incoming. We're just checking one last nasty problem for the last time, as soon as this fix is confirmed, you'll be able to enjoy the glory of our RoA "Revised" :). Current ETA is within 2 hours - also featuring the often-asked-for Linux version :).

Regarding the "Gold" Edition and "revised": The additional Content of the Gold Edition will be available to all buyers free of charge, but had to be postponed to January in order to have more time for polishing of the main game. But to reflect the tremendous advancements made from original release up until this version, we decided to use the Term "Revised".
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Sorry, still building, doing another build yet again (the 4th today), but we're getting there, and the result should really make it worth your while.
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