Humm I can imagine.

you are probably playing 4th edition?
For this there are not sooo many books available as for the old 3rd edition.

They focussed on releasing a few hard covers, which cover the most important things.

Core Rulebook
Way of the ... books (Way of the heroes is the most important one)
several more focus on certain areas of the world

For the US market if you are looking for a decent alternative, you could check "Earth Dawn".
Was released by FASA in the 90s i think..

Hmm in that case Earth Dawn really might be something for you.
They have 2 or 3 big books and dozens of smaller ones.
At least that was in the 90s ^^''

But the best part for me was the connection of Earth Dawn to Shadowrun.
If you know Shadowrun, playing in the near future, you might know about dragons there...
Well some are the same as in EarthDawn.

EarthDawn is the previous earth the dragons are talking about,
A time where magic and demons got to earth, but humanity did not get this technological level...

Reading the books, finding parallels between the 2 RPG worlds.. was really fun back then.

[quote='Ikazuchi','index.php?page=Thread&postID=15427#post15427']Hmmm I wonder if there are any P&P The Dark Eye players in the english speaking world.
In Germany it is (was?) quite popular[/quote]
Yes, it still is quite popular - at least as popular as a P&P game can be in times like these, with computers taking over (not Skynet) every part of our lives. TDE sports several dozen publications a year, including a bimonthly magazine (print and pdf, about a third of the magazine is "ingame"), novels + audiobooks, a tabletop, browser games, sometimes even music/soundtracks and occasionally also a computer game (obviously).

TDE never really managed to gain a decent-sized fan base outside of the German-speaking countries. The French and Dutch Edition floundered, the English was also not very popular, to be honest. The Problem is that the game is (for lack of better words) very German at ist core and loses a lot in translation. The English TDE rule book was kinda "meh"in my opinion, especiall if you compare it to all the alternatives you have as an English speaking gamer.

Strangely enough though, my "local" store in London did put up the English core book plus a bunch of the old miniatures on its Homepage 2 or 3 weeks ago ... I wonder in whose attic or cellar they have found those ^^
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