Version 1.03

Hail to the twelve!

We have a juicy package full of updates, improvements and fixes for you dearest adventurers! Most important is the fix of the dreaded Bloodscreen of death in the blood pinnacles, caused by a bug in our Engine Unity 5.6.2 which was only fixable with a major version upgrade to 2017.1. Big fix number 2 is a bug that prevented enemies of falling over in rare cases - this is bug is marked "busted" too. And there is a ton of detail adaptions, see for yourself:


  • Fixed bug importing Blade of Destiny characters. They were skipped when they had bolts in their hand.
  • Double-clicking items makes shopping easier
  • Examining weapons and armor at traders highlights characters that can use them
  • In the trader window, the item description is now displayed in the tooltip
  • The user interface is now scaleable (under Settings -> Graphic effects)
  • Cooking duration for all recipes has been completely revised (and shortened)
  • Introducing new weapon: Dwarven hammer
  • There is now a matching lower body armor for the deluxe dwarf chestplate
  • Crystal ball enchantments are now available for witches too (needs a special crystal ball)
  • Intro and main menu music finally obey volume settings
  • The characters in the character window were moved up and re more visible now
  • Herbs have become much more affordable
  • The prices of magic and healing potions were systematized
  • The green amulet now lights up when worn
  • The inventory no longer automatically closes when reading recipes
  • When the real salamander stone is found, the quest for the wrong salamander stone is automatically ended
  • A bug in the tutorial and the help has been fixed: Haggling is always done by the best character and not, as claimed so far, by the leader
  • The ingame character editor has been revised, various problems have been corrected
  • The description of torch and lantern now states maximum burn time
  • Fixed an AE exploit with the Kairan potion
  • Fixed a problem with battlefield fever
  • The crystallomant now has a better grip on the value of his commodity
  • Characters can be rotated in the Character screen again

Towns & Dungeons

  • Fixed the Bloodpinnacles "Bloodscreen of Death" (Crash to Desktop without warning)
  • Finsterkoppen now has special dwarf taverns
  • Market stall usability has been improved
  • Market stalls and shops can now be robbed
  • The floating palisade of New Lowangen has found its place on the earth
  • On the Hanging Bridge there are now 4 actually visible Orks
  • Peraida bought a new dress
  • Finsterkoppen now also sells dwarven clothes
  • There is a watery sound, as the heroes move through according environment
  • The interior of some of the temples is no longer tilted
  • Time is now passing on activities in the taverns.
  • The hostages are now better served in Lowangen
  • The well in Yrramis is now accessible more easily
  • The Lowangen Orks don't dare to offend Uuz'Dornak - Great Sting
  • The market in Kvirasim and Gashok now opens more frequently
  • Temple of the Nameless: The numerical lock puzzle has been adapted and the number input simplified
  • Dwarfs cannot be lured into the pit bath under any circumstances. Sissies neither.
  • Finsterkoppen pit: The trigger size of the secret staircase has been reduced
  • Finsterkoppen pit: The lever with talent value 18 in hiding can no longer escape the gaze of heroes
  • Finsterkoppen pit: When the heroes fall down the steep ramp, they turn right back in the right direction
  • A lever in the pit now gives feedback and can reverse its effect
  • Happiness in misfortune: If the heroes get wet in the pit, they can also wash themselves. And get a cold. And drink something.
  • Finsterkoppen pit: The crank situation is better illustrated
  • Finsterkoppen pit: The collapse trigger has been scaled down
  • The ore slide trigger was scaled down
  • The fire sponge trigger was adjusted
  • The Golem encounter has been improved
  • In the Pit, the heroes can now succumb to their avarice
  • The silent portal in the pit now gives some feedback
  • In the pit the party one run onto pointed things repeatedly
  • In the pit you are now asked if you want to look at the altar
  • Finsterkoppen pit: The claustrophobia thresholds are now dependent on the level


  • Dead enemies now finally fall over every time!
  • Display the chance for spell success in a tooltip
  • Combat spells are now disabled when the spell is not applicable in the chosen situation
  • You can now get weapons from more ogres
  • Fixed a problem with the spell Helter Skelter
  • Enemies now take their name display with them when they flee
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