Version 1.01

Hail to the twelve!

Version 1.0 is behind us, but as promised we will continue to work on patches, implement desired features from the community and eliminate annoying bugs. Here comes Hotfix 1.01, removing some serious problems that came up:
  • The class descriptions are now also available in the character sheet under "Status".
  • Steamachievements for various activities have been repaired and will now be unlocked correctly
  • Steam Cloudsaves can now be activated in the Save / Load dialog.
  • Digital Deluxe: The special Dwarven armor is now available in the Finsterkoppen Pit (Caution: In existing savegames, where you have already been in the pit, this does not work!)
  • The modding map editor is now correctly localized and no longer switches to german when opening.
  • The problem with the "disappearing camp" has been fixed.
  • In the character generation view, there are no more isolated life- / astral-energy bars.
  • Fixed a bug that caused the Gashok Lynchmob scene to be aborted.
  • Fixed that the broom of the swamp-witch continues to fight indefinitely after their death.
    In addition, the witch now has a permanent fire bane, making her invulnerable to fire (spells).
  • Gashok: The burnt-out mill is now also triggerable by a location-based trigger.
Firefox ist immer schuld :)

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