Version 0.99

Hail to the twelve!

Version 0.99 is the last version in Early Access, the next build tomorrow will be 1.0! Adapted the following things:
  • Fixed scales puzzle in the Phex temple
  • Fixed boat trip puzzle in the Phex temple
  • Fixed stone-sliding game in the Phex temple
  • Steam Trading Cards are enabled
  • The character generator has been revised, is now tidier, and offers class descriptions as decision support
  • The stone bridge in Tiefhusen now sounds like stone
  • Alchemy has a soundeffect
  • The dungeons have all got "fog" as a graphic effect
  • When transferring items, the item no longer gets "stuck"
  • Difficulty settings in the main menu got a tooltip to explain why they are disabled
  • Godflag-Mod with kind permission of Torxes in the main game
  • Pitched some footstep sounds lower
  • Fixed a bug with the spider vermin battles in the Phex temple
  • Removed welcome dialog in the main menu
Firefox ist immer schuld :)

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