Version 1.04

Hello fellow Aventurians!

After a long break, we have a patch for you again, fitting for the delay this is also a bit more extensive. In addition to a whole lot of smaller bug fixes, some bigger things were tackled as well. Among other things, there is now a "Comparison Tooltip" that allows you to compare your current equipment with an item in inventory or at a shop. We also added 32 new character portraits and as a big bugfix we significantly increased the performance in Lowangen. In detail:


  • Weapons and armor are now compared in detail in both the character sheet and the shops with worn equipment
  • Error when importing Blade of Destiny saves fixed; Characters with bolts in the left hand were skipped
  • Doubleclick in the inventory equips an item, if that is possible
  • Levelups were possible during the fight, aren't any more
  • Many translation bugs and inconsistencies fixed, especially in the Ingame Help
  • Several talent translations were adapted
  • The "Mage's cauldron" is now correctly called "witches cauldron"
  • Several Steamachievements have been fixed and now work correctly
  • Markers now appear on the Travel Map when dungeons are discovered
  • All weapons received an Initiative Modifier
  • The weapons tooltip now displays the weapon's Initiative Modifier, Damage, and required Ammo type
  • A total of 32 new class portraits have been added
  • Levelups can now be aborted and the talent and spell gains / attempts used on the next Levelup
  • The display of combat values ​​in the character screen has been supplemented by a line for "modification by weapon"
  • Display the unmodified chance of success for spells in the character sheet
  • Robes and cloaks have received new models
  • Item loss corrected when distributing stacks
  • The load game menu looks a little better now
  • "Disappearing hair" has been corrected when using certain capes
  • Certain weapons can no longer be used by dwarfs because they are too big - the weapons that is
  • The display at the cauldron ritual check has been improved
  • Digital Deluxe: The application of the weed ointment was provided with feedback
  • Ice Elfs are now immune to frost damage
  • The travel encounter with the druid has been improved
  • A corpse finding while traveling is now a unique event
  • Some texts have been corrected
  • The Halmar Antelope event is unique now
  • Magic characters (except Mages) now need Thonnys to meditate

Dungeons & Towns

  • The performance in Lowangen was increased noticeably
  • In the Hesinde Temple of Lowangen, a schematic outline map about Lowangen is now available
  • The swamp does not need a light source for orientation anymore
  • Conversations in taverns do not break off early anymore
  • In the village of Ansvell you can now rest without being attacked at night
  • The warehouse window is now more extensive
  • An "End Transformation" option has been added to the Magicians
  • Glass bottles can now be purchased in Lowangen
  • The lizards in the swamp now provide you with food after being helped
  • Arsingen, Svellmia and Neulowangen have each received a healer
  • Dungeon outputs can now also be activated by "running into them"
  • Bottles can now be filled with water at wells
  • The avatars in city camps are displayed correctly even after visiting a hostel
  • Marketplaces no longer change the assortment with each call
  • The dungeon tutorial now triggers correctly no matter which dungeon you visit first
  • Fixed a problem with inventories of certain chests in the swamp
  • The "double" chest in Blood Pinnacles has been fixed
  • The big copper key in Finsterkoppen Pit works again
  • Some display errors in Lowangen have been fixed
  • Dwarfs are under no circumstances to lure into the binge bath anymore. Wimps neither.
  • In the Finterkoppenbinge, the heroes can now succumb to their greed for gold
  • The cart trigger in the swamp has been improved
  • In Gashok elves are now the "preferred target"
  • Chests can no longer be opened through walls or doors
  • Moved village boundaries in Hilvalla, Norhus and Svellmia to prevent underwater running
  • Entrance of Tiefhusen from travelling is now on the "right" side
  • The Stand-Still-voiceover comes now only every 3 minutes
  • The bane sword can now also be sanctified on the night of the 1st of Hesinde
  • In the Blood Pinnacles, the burning hay stops burning at some point
  • An error in the Blood Pinnacles with the guards has been corrected
  • Some infinity XP exploits have been removed


  • New Model for Swamp Rantzels
  • New, prettier model for Harpies
  • Fixed an infinite loop in the combat tutorial
  • The combat inability is now removed when healing in combat
  • Unsuccessful weapon exchanges don't cost an action any more
  • Fixed an issue where opponents do not die by spell
  • Sabretooth tigers are now properly removed from combat when dead
  • Fixed getting stuck in a certain street arena
  • The lighting of some battle arenas has been fixed
  • Opponents now take their nametag when they flee
  • The lockpick-eating chest in the Finsterkoppen Pit is not that hungry anymore.


  • The expiration of items has been corrected
  • Fixed an error with script inheritance in the keyword dialogues
Happy holidays to you all, we are looking forward to a successful year 2018 together!
Firefox ist immer schuld :)

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