The game runs fine for me in Ubuntu 13.10, but some people reported similar problems to yours with SuSe. So far we haven't been able to identify where this problem is coming from.
Perhaps your log can give some clue:

Code: Alles auswählen

malloc(): smallbin double linked list corrupted: 0x115815f8
But in your output_log, too, there is no indication of a crash, so probably the program is killed externally. Do you have any system logs, where there could be a clue how and why the program is killed?

I do have an idea why it might crash the settings dialogue, the first page of it tries to read all the possible resolutions of the graphics card, so maybe that causes the problem. As for the other crashes, it is hard to tell, but basically we focused our testing (and explicitely support) only the Ubuntu distribution. Basically it *should* run on other distributions as well, but as there is so many flavours and possibilities, it is really hard to cover them all. And as the crash is externaly induced, meaning no trace of a crash in the output_log itself, it is even harder to say what is going on, sorry :(.

I'll try to look into that external crashing, maybe there is some hint from other developers what might go wrong, but to be honest, I can't really give it much priority.

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