Hi, I am using Ubuntu 13.10 64bit as well and am having no issues with running the game.
In your output there are some errors related to some USB-Device (joystick or gamepad). Could you try to plug that one off before starting the game? Just to make sure it's not causing the crash.

[quote='zzarko','index.php?page=Thread&postID=78651#post78651']Can I get you some other info that could help?[/quote]
Do you get any crash-folders? I.e. a folder with date/time as name in the folder of the game.

Hey zzarko, sorry for the late reply. Have you tried updating your graphics card drivers? Steam usually offers quite a simple way to do so, but I honestly don't know if that is also the case on the Linux plattform (usually it is at Menu "Steam" -> "Check for Video driver update...").

My next guess would also have been the input devices, but you already checked that. You even make it successfully into the starting temple (judging from the outputs generated at the end), but what I find strange is that there is no indication whatsoever *why* the crash occurs - the log just "ends" where it shouldn't. If you don't have any crash folder either, could you please try and check your system logs? Maybe there is an indication what actually causes the crash.

Coredumps won't really be of much use to me, as most probably 99% of the stuff are related to the engine itself, and only 1% is actually my code executing on top of the Unity3d engine. Unfortunately, when it comes to Linux support, our engine Unity3D is pretty much "be happy if it runs, look for yourself if it doesn't". But the "cut" in the logfile indicates for me that the game termination was externally induced (e.g. linux kernel decided that the game does something illegal and terminated execution without remorse), which gives me hope that it is *somewhere* documented what went wrong.

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