It was a large PR mistake, and the way of handling this will cost some sales on international market and alienate a good part of English community(like everywhere non-German) who bought the game on Steam and waited through all these months for its completion. It is like saying that CE supporters are more deserving then digital buyers who pre-ordered as well. And their support seems irrelevant with such an attitude.

That is right, people have right to ask money for their work. But this is not the proper way to handle which creates disparity. This will offend many people, inevitably.

[quote='clet43','index.php?page=Thread&postID=77653#post77653']I will NOT apologize for expressing an opinion.
[/quote]He is a German player, he meant to say I think.

"Please excuse me. But who should pay for DLC(s) instead?" or "Sorry. But who should pay for DLC(s) instead?"

Or I see things from the good side. :D

1) Nobody tells you to buy anything. It is an offer. Optional. If you want to play it. There is no obligation whatsoever to buy it, so you "have to" do exactly nothing.
2) The content is vanilla and was never intended for the main game, but for people who want more
3) You do get a DLC for free, it just isn't released yet, but will be so shortly. Free of Charge. For everyone.
4) There is already a myriad of additional stuff that was never in the original game, like about 30 conversations and encounters that can be found in the villages, an imman tournament in Thorwal you can even participate in, and there will be 7 new weapons, a complete rebalancing of monster and weapon values, additional features, druid dagger rituals and so on. So saying you get "nothing" for your support from the very beginning is one way of saying it, mine would be "if you don't want to see you get it, you won't".

Lets hope the gamers with the long memories actually remember what happened with this game, and not just want they choose to see.

to buy this "DLC" should not be the topic of choice here in my opinion. You should rather ask why there is a so called "DLC" to buy before the vanilla game really is finished? So, what is the "DLC" that everyone gets with patch 1.33? it is not a question of THAT game especially. its a question about what a dlc really is. is it content of the main game sold later on as a dlc? or is it really something like an addon? but that is something i dont understand about dlcs in general.

@chris: it is also NOT a question of things that are NOT in the original game. its a remake - not a modern copy! that is just an unfair and not wanted answer.

but in the end....everybody involved in that game (developers AND buyers) have to do the best with it. to criticise each other is a path leading to the desert....where an oasis is only to be found with luck ;)

I asked it on Steam, and I can ask it here again: What is "finished"? Why is it that everybody keeps claiming that the game is unfinished? It has bad combat models, granted, which we tried to improve by adding different magic effects, and we also removed those dreaded hand twisting errors. But we cannot magically make new combat models appear, they need to be produced, animated and textured. And from a technical point of view, the combat models were and are working. I cannot comment on the combat models and a possible replacement right now, as there is some workings going on which make a clear and definite statement impossible, so pondering around on them will be no use, neither here, nor in the german part of the forums, nor on Steam.

Good DLCs, and I claim For the Gods as well as the Free Expansion to be of that kind, are like the "Addons" of the last Century: They ADD to the game experience, they prolong it, they make it richer, but if you wouldn't know of their existence, nothing would be missing from the main game, as it is a closed and complete experience in and of itself. Bad ones are those that make the original game complete or playable or enjoyable in the first place, and make the main game feel "incomplete" or to use the favourite word here "unfinished".

@game over: DLC is a vague topic because you really cannot discern whether it is a content which was initially aimed for the main game but to make money separated or content which has been created to provide richness to an already completed game. Good DLCs add upon the main game, bad DLCs make you feel sorry for not having them. In RoA remake's case, you don't feel bad for not having the DLC because they are not DLCs like for example Crusader Kings which locks some features and forces you to buy corresponding DLC to play with that feature. It really feels like the guys cut from the main game. But extra dungeons which did not exist before cannot be considered as cutting from the main game considering main game itself contains extra stuff on top of the original RoA content.

For this remake, one can tell you that "For the Gods" DLC is an "addon" which is not an obligation for main game but adds to the experience of it . Now, this game is not a "modern copy" merely. When you have the original content fully working, you can call it a "remake" with the additional enhancements you add. It is arguable whether it is a good remake or bad remake, but it deserves to be called as "remake".

Now the crucial part is on the table: To Be More Then A Remake.

Adding new content, features and fixing the downsides of originals falls into that category. For example Crafty mentioned Druid Dagger Rituals which did not exist in the originals but exists in world of Dark Eye. Probably a player will consider again whether to get a Druid or Mage, since both will have their own set of unique rituals to enhance playing style. Now if they could also add Witch Curses/Hexes, spellcaster choices would be even richer and more fun.

@clet43: Probably you cannot make a statement that they focused on DLC but disregarded Main Game enhancements. Some works can be done in parallel. And Battle Avatar issue is not a joking matter. It requires some serious effort after the game is fully stable in its current state. I'd rather prefer ugly and smooth figures instead beautiful but buggy figures which will break technical infrastructure of the battle.
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