If you get the chance it would be very helpful if you can do screenshots and attach them with your bug reports. :)

1.) I think it is the same problem which I reported in the German forum in post 32 under picture 1 (Bild 1):
I missed to do the correct screenshot. :D

3.) Do you mean, the costs are added to your amount of money at the top of the character screen? If yes, then that happens only in some taverns. In others you pay nothing at the moment. Happens this in your game, too?
I've reported it here in the German forum for some time: Taverne - Bezahlen (v1.34)

4.) You got it. I've read it in your other thread. :)

I can't say something to the other points, but thanks for reporting them. :)
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Which room do you mean. Look at the pictures and tell me which map and which number.
Die alte Zwingfeste Unterebene 1.jpg
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