Seems like a good deal of videos! Glad to see we have proper English "Let's Play" as well.

By the way, about your 6th video "Next leg of the journey" where you pass through Rukian. I'd suggest you to try it out with "For the Gods" DLC. You might find it far more -eventful- :D

In original version that town was a filler like many other towns while going to Felsteyn, I'm glad it is not anymore.

Indeed. Rukian quest issues has been resolved and thoroughly tested for general robustness as far as I am aware. For the Gods DLC has also two additional dungeons one of them is a forest-dungeon and the other is a crypt-dungeon. The crypt-dungeon (quest starts from Bodon but rumors reach to you on towns close to Bodon as well) is a bit cruel to a degree. The quest regarding the forest-dungeon promotes a good deal of travelling if I remember correctly.

To be on the safe side completely though, you can always wait for the next bugfix patch. After all one cannot get enough of those kinds of patches which makes things well-rounded :D

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Just to compare the style differences between original game dungeons and new dungeons, it would be a minor point of interest.

But yes, I understand that it takes a little time to adapt to DSA world :D

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