How much would you donate for the addition of 2D quality images/pictures to the game?

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2D Revamp of Blade of Destiny HD via Crowdfunding

Greetings ladies and gentlemen,

This poll has been created to discuss the possibility of fundraising in order to provide quality 2D images for the game. Of course you are encouraged to discuss the details of such a process, express your intimate thoughts on “2D vs 3D”, technical feasibilities etc. etc.

The List of Possible Features in 2D

-Tavern Pictures
-Temples(distinct for each god)
-Random Wilderness Encounter Pictures
-Random City Encounter Pictures
-Character Portraits
-Camp Pictures
-Shop Pictures
-Small Event Portraits
-Small NPC Portraits
-Opening Scene With Pictures(perhaps with a better narrative)
-Pictures for Special Buildings (such as Imman Stadium portrayed during interactions there or Hetman's House during the main quest at the background)
-House Interior Pictures

Number of answers is restricted to 1, but you are free to change your choice whenever you wish.

Two examples from a thread in German forums, it would give you a better perspective on the idea.
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It would be more benefical as a feedback ,for people who hit the "0$" within the polls, to tell their reasons. Also we all should discuss the idea as well, whether 2D pictures in the building along good musical additions would enhance the mood of the game or not. What about charcoal drawings with subtitles at intro and a better voiceover(at least for intro)? Would it be technically feasible?

Such as "I think the game is doomed and it would be waste of time if they added 2D images.", "I find the idea good but I wouldn't support it myself monetarily.", "We are living in the age of 3D, they should have made everything in 3D top quality.", "I think the game should deliver those without my contribution, because I have already paid for it!" etc etc

While the main intention of the poll is to see whether a crowd-funding is feasible or not, the thread is here for discussions upon the topic. So eventually we could share ideas and understand each other before reaching the common wants of the community.

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