Hey Abbie, I'm afraid that there is only a very small international market for the type of Roleplaying "The Dark Eye" offers, as especially the american fantasy market is completely dominated by (A)D+D - at least as far as I know, this is in no way anything close to official, it is just my personal impression. We will of course try to make our computer games available internationally, and maybe we can forward the idea that not all roleplaying needs to be world-saving, superheroic and one-stroke-of-my-sword-+27-kills-60-zombies, but can also be a *bit* more "realistic".

Anyways, if you want information "from the very source" about the actual plans for english language publishing of the P+P books, just contact [url=mailto:feedback@ulisses-spiele.de]feedback@ulisses-spiele.de[/url], I'm sure they'll be happy to answer all your questions in english as well :).
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[quote='Abbie','index.php?page=Thread&postID=12951#post12951']I'll email them and see what they say (even though I'm a little selfconscious doing it in English)[/quote]If you need a translation for the Email conversation, don't hesitate and ask. I'd be glad to assist.

I sent you a friend request on the forum. Just accept and send me the text to translate via private message, then I'm going to send the translation back the next day most likely.


I had a question for you. I have the misfortune of being a DSA fan who's American and speaks English. :) I only know a little bit of German, not nearly enough to really delve into all the DSA material available in its native language, and while my German is getting better, it'll be a long while before I'm comfortable reading lots of material. So my question is...are there any plans to convert any more of Das Schwarze Auge to English? I know that it didn't sell very well in my language, and I'm sorry for that. :( I've bought all three books available in English, but I still feel like there's so much of the world that I'm missing. If I have to wait until my German is better, that's fine too. I just wanted to hear what you had to say on the matter.

Thank you so much!"[/quote]Hallo!
Ich würde Ihnen gerne eine Frage stellen. Ich bin in der unglücklichen Lage ein amerikanischer DSA-Fan zu sein der Englisch spricht. Ich spreche lediglich ein wenig Deutsch, bei weitem nicht genug um in all das DSA Material einzutauchen, und obwohl mein Deutsch besser wird, dauert es wohl noch eine ganze Weile bevor ich größere Mengen flüssig lesen kann. Darum wäre meine Frage... gibt es Pläne weiteres Das Schwarze Auge Material ins Englische zu übersetzen? Ich bin mir darüber im Klaren das es sich nicht sehr gut in meiner Sprache vermarkten lies und bedauere das sehr. Ich habe alle drei in Englisch erhältlichen Bücher gekauft, aber ich fürchte das es immer noch so vieles von dieser Welt gibt das ich verpasse. Wenn ich darauf warten muss das mein Deutsch besser wird ist es auch ok. Ich wollte nur wissen was Sie zu diesem Thema zu sagen haben.
Vielen Dank!

It seems the forum (sady) has no private message function. My bad there, I didn't check in advance and just 'expected' it.
I hope things work out for you! Oh and no warranty on the translation ;)

The private messages were turned off out of habit (we normally used this type of forum for our online games, which already have integrated private messaging that is easier to administrate), but I reactivated it to allow you guys to communicate privately as well :).
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Thanks a bunch craftyfirefox! ~thumbs up~
Nothing to mention Abbie, I'm glad if I can help. Thanks for keeping me/us updated, I'm really curious on the response.

That's the spirit Abbie :). And if we can promote The Dark Eye for the international gamers community via the RoA Series (if we can get the other parts done as well, that is of course ;)), our Publisher definitely plans on releasing them in English every time :), maybe Ulisses will change their plans ;)
Firefox ist immer schuld :)

[quote='craftyfirefox','index.php?page=Thread&postID=13319#post13319'](...)if we can promote The Dark Eye for the international gamers community via the RoA Series (...), maybe Ulisses will change their plans[/quote]Healthy optimism for sure! How much would you wager you'd have to sell? A million each part? Five? Good luck non the less!

Sorry to hear Abbie, I hope you're going to succeed with your task to master the strange German tongue. Nearly as rare of a choice for a native English speaker as 'Das Schwarze Auge' though, I fear. Pity that the books are copyrighted and rather bulky. With the DSA 3 rules I'd have offered to translate the more important parts (if allowed to, which sadly I wouldn't be).

Actually GOG is selling (sadly enough only the English version) the original RoA series, but they don't seem to be doing extremely well even on GOG, since at one point in time they were gifted by the hundred through GOG itself (rarely a sign of good sale figures).

I still have dozens of these books around (all but that one a friend lent and never gave back *sighs*). As far as I know though, the fourth Edition features a lot of story as well (can't judge it, I never read any of it).

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