Patch 1.31f, 4th of November 2013, 9:45 pm (GMT+2)

  • Opening Hours for Traders fixed (for now daily 7 am to 8 pm, with Option to adapt per Town and per Trader)
  • Fixed Spell Rust Iron
  • Signs for special buildings in Liksor and Thorwal fixed
  • Minimaps fixed: Abandoned hostel, Ljasdahl, Rovik
  • Fixed Companion Times (preventing them to leave after 2-3 towns)
  • Made Camerasweep optional (Settings -> Graphics) in case crashes started to happen when entering towns
  • Fixed Load Game bug under certain circumstances
  • Prevented retriggering of secret door trigger even when it is already opened
  • Activated Spell “End Transformations” to be able to heal “petrified”
  • Deadship only triggers once every 7 days, or not at all if already completed
  • Dead Companions don’t say goodbye any more
  • Battlefreeze on some spells fixed
  • Playerchars now use magic in autobattle
  • Secured bridges in Thorwal
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