Patch 1.31, 1st of November 2013, 2:30 am (GMT+2)

  • Opening Hours and -Days for Markets
  • Characternames can be Changed ingame
  • Fixed Battle Character turns
  • Partymanager now correctly shows User Images
  • Battle Opponent Health display
  • Camera-”Sweep” on Loading a new Town to reduce post-loading jiggle
  • Gardianum Spell target fixed
  • Fixed some Tavern texts
  • The Dead Ship dungeon unlocked
  • Companion NPCs unlocked
  • Display of Weapon skill in the inventory
  • Reduce current VI if losing permanent VI while freezing
  • Fixed “Markets have identical offers”
  • Fixed savegame breaking when saving in specific buildings
  • Fixed Name display of some Market Stalls
  • Fixed “bare hand” sortiment offer
  • Fixed Sickle checkbonus
  • Fixed Be my Friend target aquisition
  • Introduced Helter Skelter
  • Fixed Summon Ghost
  • Added convenience presets for Item moving and looting amount
  • added more travel events
  • Fixed Blacksmith accepting multiple weapons
  • Thinmarsdotter Clanegh quest now correctly triggers Thinmarsdotter Thoss quest
  • Honest Jorge Clanegh enabled
  • Egilsdotter Quest + Dialog improved
  • Windenbek / Nameless Temple improved
  • Introduced Events in Towns
  • Included User-contributed Events (thanks to lunatic, Ali Bengali, ugralitan, NeoderWeise)
  • Fixed a Diceroll bug delivering exaggerated results
  • Rabalancing Hunting, Water- and Foodconsumption
  • Battles: Repeat last Action
  • Battles: Wait in the same Battleround
  • Battles: Autobattle
  • Battles: Acceleration Factor for animations
  • Battles: Opponents can now spawn after the first round, not revealing the full enemy strength right away
  • Eating of certain herbs
  • New and improved Graphical effects
  • Complete overhaul of Buildings and Towns
  • Hetman Tronde now lives in a real longhouse
  • Travelmap now has an actual background (before: Black)
  • Waterreflection autoadaption depending on performance (optional)
  • Made Town Runin Trigger optional
  • Introduced “Town borders” triggering a “do you want to leave this town” Dialogue
  • Unconcious Characters are automatically replaced as leaders
  • Cameraheight now depends on Leading Character height
  • More “Backgrounds” for Dialogues
  • Numerous other smaller Bugfixes
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