Patch 1.30, 8th of October 2013, 3 p.m. (GMT+2)

  • House-Decals updated
  • Leaving Buildings makes the party “turn the back to the door”
  • City-Triggers (Doors, Hetman) now react to “running into them”, therefore hopefully making some spots like the hetman easier to access
  • Made Armory Credit variable depending on “opening” at the hetman and visit to Jadra (thanks to Fujak Logansson)
  • Fixed Battlecharacters "falling" at exactly 5 LE, where they should fall below 5 LE only
  • Black Magicians Ruin collisions improved
  • Texts not displaying in battle fixed
  • Attack- and Parry base values are now rounded instead of floored
  • Broken Weapons sometimes don’t show up at the Blacksmith fixed
  • New Spells
    • Calm Body (Healing Spell for Camps)
    • Eye of Eagle (improve Perception)
    • Penetrizzel (improve Minimap uncovering distance in Dungeons)
    • Be my Friend effect (works now)
    • Evil Eye effect (just rechecked)
    • Paralyze effect fixed
    • Witch’s Spit effect (chance to heal Sickness and Poison)
    • Skelettarius (summon Skeleton)
    • Summon Spirits (summon ghost)
    • Master of Animals (Be my Friend for Animals only)
    • Meek you be (Calm animal)
    • Odem Arcanum (show all unidentified magic items of the party)
    • Analys (Identify a single magical item)
  • Rats bite effect fixed in Dragon Cave
  • Fixed House of Captains in Daspota can be opened unlimited times
  • Fixed Daspota Hook Hugo won’t start a battle
  • Fixed Arena Grids
  • made the "Secret Forest path" between Skelellen and Peilinby actually "secret" and position according events there
  • included more Travel-Hunting-Events
  • Included Mountain Pass events
  • Fixed Old Bailey lower levels
  • Partly reworked temple flags
  • Fixed Wolfcave climbing (carefull, it can be quite deadly now)
  • Fixed "dying" too fast
  • Fixed State and Staff Enchantment getting lost on losing the weapon in battle
  • Fixed Dullskull infection always hitting whole party despite of successful checks
  • Fixed Black Magicians ruin crashing through the floor in Level 1
  • Fixed several texting bugs
  • Introduced Whetstone usage
  • Improved Flyovers on items
  • Made special states of items (magical, broken) visible in inventory
  • Fixed buggy loot after fighting Gorah
  • Fixed early arrival on Ship Journeys "before the red Line arrived in the harbor"
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