Patch 1.29, September 26th, 2013, 12pm (GMT+2)

  • Battlearenas completely redone, for more compact battles
  • Special Locations for specific fights (Gorah, Spidercave, Ship of the dead, Temple of the nameless god, Daspota Treasure Cave)
  • Quest for Old Bailey lower levels added
  • New Scene for Blacksmith (making him “visible”)
  • New Scene and Handling for “simple House”
  • Skillcheck Logging improved
  • Introduced Scene for Boar Hunting
  • Daspota Dialogs can be restarted until a fight was provoked
  • Introduced Scene for Brothel
  • “Tabbing out” of Fullscreen automatically switches to window mode to enable getting back into the game
  • Added Building Decals (work in progress)
  • Removed Body Control check to avoid damage
  • Fight Target choice now possible via field, not only via Character
  • Fastness of Body nerfed (max level reduced, no casting outside of Battle)
  • Introduced “Spell failed, try again?” for Spells outside of combat, e.g. Light in the Darkness
  • Dullskull infection fixed and reduced to 24 hour “incubation” time
  • Paralysis fixed
  • Permanent wonders are only possible once per character (instead of “as long as godgrace and money last”)
  • Fixed Staff Enchantment removed when losing the staff in battle
  • Fixed Swafnildsson-Quest, he now is correctly at home even without the letter of recommendation by Sevenstone, but asks for it in order to give the piece of the map he possesses
  • Characters now drink on their own if there is something to drink available (careful, alcohol is liquid as well)
  • Message “ drank his/her last bit” now appears correctly
  • Fixed some texting bugs
  • Added Golden Shield to Temple of the Nameless loot (only if not entered so far)
  • Temple of the Nameless rescue from the hole only possible once
  • Temple of the Nameless Blocking Stone Door fixed after loading
  • Run-Footsteps only triggered on forward running (as there is no backward running)
  • Assignment and Exchaning of Ring and Arm Slots fixed
  • "Strange appartus" in Abandoned Hostel Dungeon fixed
  • Direct Entering of Numbers at the Marketplace fixed
  • "Identical Sortiment" bug in Marketplaces fixed
  • Old Bailey Phex Altar can be sacked after first time saying no
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