Patch 1.26, 9th of September 2013 11pm (GMT+2)

  • Thorwal: fixed top stair collisions
  • Made Weapon Breakchecks scarcer
  • Fixed Break Factors for magical weapons
  • Fix triggers for Abandoned Hostel appearing elsewhere as well
  • Fixed pirate attacks
  • Fixed Resurrection in Temples
  • Fixed River Passing trigger appearing too often
  • Fixed Taverns in Vilnhome
  • Fixed name for “miracle cure”
  • Fixed Minimap not centering properly after moving the overview map
  • Fixed Minimap slipping “out of its circle” on different resolutions
  • remain in Tavern if cheating/pickpocket was successful
  • cover Minimap areas outside Fog of War
  • Fix Karnifilo (target, duration)
  • Fix Axxeleratus (target, duration)
  • extended Fulminictus display
  • replaced Travia “you were fed” text
  • Fixed assignment of Rondra birth bonus to attack and parry
  • Mouselook invertable
  • Prevent “clicking through the overview map”
  • Fix Rondra-Temple in Prem showing wrong flag
  • Fixed Tips in Taverns
  • Fixed Tavern message display “you drank” without having ordered anything
  • Update Questmarkers after Tavern visit
  • Quest arrows always point to quest target, even if it is already visible on the minimap
Firefox ist immer schuld :)

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