Patch 1.23, 5th of September 2013, 2:15am (GMT +2)

  • fixed Traumatic Fever missing display name
  • Second click on character image closes Character Screen
  • Fixed wrong quest order for Tiomar Swafnildsson
  • Remove option to cast Spell if AE below 3
  • Fix wrong AE delta display in Battles when using Magic Potions
  • Fix using Items in battles won’t cost Movement Points
  • Unicorn Hang fixed
  • Implemented breaking and worn weapons
  • implemented Bad Failures in Battles
  • Implemented Lucky Hits in Battles
  • Implemented more Map Events (Pirates, Orks, the elf in the high swamp between phexcaer and skelellen, some Hunting events)
  • Unlocked Abandoned Hostel
  • Unlocked Daspota Treasure Cave quest (+Dungeon)
  • Fixed autosuccess won’t count as success in Battles
  • Fire damage (e.g. Ignifaxius) is now stopped by armor
  • Made Old Bailey poison trap more dangerous
  • Fixed Bug Shield is removed in Battle if the main hand holds a ranged weapon
  • Adapted Temple Music
  • Fixed wrong town tips
  • Fixed text in the ork camp
  • Fixed Placeholders in the temple
  • Fixed Savegame count, increased save/load Dailog opening speed
  • Questmarkers got a separate icon and are only visible after getting an according quest remark (use Taverns for asking about informers)
  • Battle-Ending Jingle fixed
  • Fixed Collisons, Dead ends and other minor stuff in the following towns: Aryn, Angbodirvale, Auplog, Bodon, Brendhil, Breida, Clanegh, Daspota, Efferdun, Stonrock, Greenvelden, Guddasoundby, Hjalsingor, Hjalland's Court, Kord, Liskor, Manrin, Merske, Upperorken, Orvil, Ottarje, Uberthorn, Phexcaer, Prem, Rovamouth, Serske, Thorwal, Tjanset, Varnhome, Vilnhome
  • Graphical Fixes and Dead-End-Fixes in the Dungeons: Abandoned Hostel, Spidercave, Daspota Treasure Cave, Black Mages Ruin, Orc Cave, Temple of the Nameless one, Dragon Cave, Pirate Cave, Dwarf Mine Upperorken, Old Bailey, Hyggelik’s Ruin
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