Patch 1.22 - 31st of August, 1:15am (GMT+2)

  • Fixed Route Choice Hermit’s Lake, Runinshavn, Hjalland
  • Fixed Shifted Item Choice window
  • Slowed down Travelling again
  • Fixed “all Chests are empty”
  • Fixed Chest open and close sounds
  • Fixed “circling fighters”
  • Added Road Types and Qualities (e.g. Swamp, Forest, Freshwater, Seawater)
  • Extrotext fixed
  • End Battle Bugs fixed
  • Set Volume in Battles correctly
  • Fix Skelellen-Phexcaer placeholders
  • Added Tooltip for Dungeon exit
  • Autohide any Tooltip after 10 Seconds
  • Autosave before sleeping (“camp”)
  • Wake up from unconsciousnes by regeneration
  • Fixed not getting Game Over after Party was completely incapacitated
  • Improved Game-Over-Screen
  • Battle Arena Barrel collisions reactivated
  • Fixed Partymanager on low resolutions
  • Fixed wooden stairs collision hangs in Hyggeliks ruin
  • Fixed Escaping a Camp Fight hangs the game
  • Added closing many windows with ESC (Map, Character, Quest, Messages)
  • Fixed Map UI covering Character Portraits
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