Patch 1.21 - August 23rd, 2013 9:30pm GMT+2)

  • Unlock Sabretooth tiger
  • Unlock Mountain lion
  • Unlock Wood gnome
  • Fix ration distribution in the Camp
  • Fix Mine of Prem access
  • Fix Mine of Upperorcen access
  • Old Bailey remove unnecessary Dex Check
  • Fix disappearing stackable items
  • Fix Tsa Vitality Wonder
  • Fix Hesinde Wonders
  • Increase Thorwal performance significantly
  • Qualitylevel settings improved
  • Added Dungeon sounds
  • Added Dungeon icons
  • Increased travel speed
  • 3rd Staff Enchantment is now used consistently for climbing checks
  • Improved hanging Characters in battles
  • Replaced Loading screens
  • Sounds for opening and closing chests
  • Improved Character Weapon representation
  • Added more Fighting sounds
  • Made Attribute potions functional (thanks turtle)
  • Gave music instruments a bonus (thanks turtle)
  • Gave Robes a basic armor
  • Fixed Sliders and Scrollbars
  • Updated UI Framework, for better performance and some bugfixes
  • included fight message “stuck in armor”

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