@broadleaved trees: Screenshots please
@overbright: should be fixed in 1.31c
@mob stuck: most of them fixed in 1.31c. If you notice any more, please press F11 and do a screenshot (Location information gets displayed with F11), so I can fix that
@Thorwal Immangame: Need to check that
@Market opening days: Yes, in Thorwal every day is market day. Check the smaller towns like orvil or varnhome, they don't have Markets every day.
Firefox ist immer schuld :)

Thank you for your work and documentation of this Keramzit! Unfortunately there is not much that we can actually do about "deep down" Glitches like the ones you mentioned, as we are using Unity as a "ready-made" 3D Engine, such core stuff like graphics output stacks can't really be modified from our end, and as it took Unity QA about 5 weeks just to confirm a serious crash bug affecting player as well as editor ("We were able to reproduce and are now forwarding to the developers"), let alone fix anything about it, I doubt that something unspecific as "sometimes, in our combination of just about everything Unity has to offer technically, it might happen that the brigthness doesn't work correctly" will ever make it to QA, let alone to a developer.

I'd have to proof to them in my bugreport, reduced by anything too exotic so that a QA employee (usually not the guys actually into hardcore coding) can confirm "something is off", and that this is the engines fault and not one of the many other tools, from Water Reflection to Lighting Choice to the Weather System. So, just to prepare such a bugreport would probably take a full working day. Which currently I certainly don't have. Let alone, they can anytime claim that this is a "driver-specific issue of , and nothing Unity can do anything about". In short, I'm a little frustrated as to their bugfixing policy :).

One of the reasons the brightness of the patch of grass *might* change is because of the different shadow distances on our quality settings. The lower the quality, the closer you need to be to "see" a shadow - more distant buildings don't create shadows any more. So the difference between "fantastic" and "beautiful" might well be - at least for this specific occurance - that a building that made a shadow before, doesn't do so on the lower quality setting.

As those Screenshots are from today, I suppose you already had Version 1.31c with that, because there I turned down the maximum brightness of the sun, which should also positively affect such "strange" color behaviour. One more thing: When making screenshots, please press "F11" before doing so, so that the coordinates and direction of the camera appear on the top left corner. This makes it easier to identify specific spots and reproduce the effects you experience.
Firefox ist immer schuld :)

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