[quote='Gatts','index.php?page=Thread&postID=33315#post33315']- Orc Cave : Dying Goblin : whatever answer I choose, the same outcome "Situation solved by itself, the dying Goblin collapsed" ... probably works as designed, I just expected quick fight with a goblin with 1/2 life points or something...
- Travel on boat : sometimes the sail ends before the red line end in the destination town. (But most often it works)
- In Orvil s a Shipyard, but it does not work (one cannot get with a boat from Orvil)
- My Warrior, equipped with a bow makes a shooting animation like "throwing" or hitting with fist, instead shooting from bow (in combat)
- In one Patch Notes I read that Bambalambam (Be my friend) and Skeletarius should work, but they don't+
Now I am confused, which spells should actually work?
- Rauber do have too much hit points IMO... like 30? or is that ok for Dark Eye rules? (Maybe I was just used to the 20 LE from before)[/quote]Orc cave works as intended, the dying Goblin is really dying ;)

We will have a lok at boat travel

Yeah, we know, the Orvil Shipyard. Lost ists function because we made a redo of the land routes. For now, its officially a "Fishermans Harbor" for the town. When we have time, we will think about a solution here (new routes, quests? something like that)

Skeletarius isn't implemented yet, Bannbaladin (Be my friend) has some bugs left that we plan to fix when we implement new spells (at the moment it's poison and receipe time ;))

We will do a massive overhaul of the enemys hitpoints and a complete rebalancing. At the moment, the fights are clearly unbalanced, some are too difficult while others can be used to level up at extreme speed. Is on the todo list, but will take as some days as Firefox has some features left that should be implemented before!

[quote='Gatts','index.php?page=Thread&postID=33385#post33385']Boat issue: it happened 3-4 times so far, at least one route I am sure of : From Vidsand to Brendhil[/quote]It happens on many routes and it´s already part of the german bug list (buglist by Thorenor). My experiences say that it will be fixed soon :)

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