Hmmm... maybe its not a bug. Seems you have not passed the curiosity test...
You could try it again with an open debug window (F9) to see what it says.

Let us know if this is the reason :)

You are right with the hole in the floor... Theres no test of curiosity or so ... So it must be a bug :)

The point with the resolution looks like a bug to me too.

[quote='Gatts','index.php?page=Thread&postID=31803#post31803']There are more quests/dialogues that react the same[/quote]Hey Gatts,
some details of what quests/dialogs excactly would be great. Could you give more information about that?
That will make it easier for the developers to fix it asap :)

Hey guys,

please don´t mix the topics too much. Add a new thread for every new topic. So its easier for the developers to find and fix :)

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