Isleif Olgardsson in Felsteyn told me about Elaine Windenbek. But the names he tell are not always the same. As far as I know this is taken from the original game. I don´t know it there is another way.

No, you don't have to start a new game.
I'm not exactly sure as to what link you're missing, but I'm sure that soon as craftyrina spots your posting, she can give you a little hint on where to look.

Wait before starting new. Isleif tells you randomly names of informants, so it can happen that you don't get Elaines name. You don't need all map pieces to end the game!

You can get a map piece from the unicorn at the heremits see (have to check if its in yet - otherwise it should be there soon), and I am pretty sure you haven't received Jorges piece until now (his dialouge was broken and is not patched yet). In the end you need to collect 7 pieces. For Yasma, we have to look at her code again, we thought it was fixed (since english and german version share the same code), but apparently there are some problems left. Swafnild can be found in any harbour, there is a random chance that she will spawn, so visit them often and you should find her.
For Elaine, I will discuss with Firefox if there is an option to trigger an Informant after you have cleared the Nameless temple (which can be found without her quest), who tells you that she would be interested in hearing that.

Ok, after some talks with the DEVs I am wiser now.

There are other options to meet Elaine:

There is a random encounter with a singing bard which should give you 3 additional hints. They are random and can also lead to Elaine. Additionally, after you recovered the black statue from the Nameless temple, you should get an update on your quest status which leads to her (and sets the quest state correctly so she is actually at home)

Ok, you are officially the TDE hero here ;-). And yes, honest Jorge isn't very honest, thats part of the (austrian) wordplay ;) .

[quote='Vaerin','index.php?page=Thread&postID=26577#post26577']Haha thanks. He is definitely one of the best moments in the game. That and telling Umbrik there's a monkey behind him.[/quote]Aaaaaand Gollum(son) in Prem! :D

Gollumsson in Prem is craftyronnys house event. Nearly everyone in our beta tester team and the DEVs got a house event that they wrote themselves,

EDIT: Which reminds me, most of them aren't translated yet.. *sigh* ok, more work to do...

[quote='craftyrina','index.php?page=Thread&postID=26657#post26657']most of them aren't translated yet.. *sigh* [/quote]

Some craftyrina-friendly ones provided a translation along with the original text though *hints*

[quote='Fujak Loganson','index.php?page=Thread&postID=27471#post27471'][quote='craftyrina','index.php?page=Thread&postID=26657#post26657']most of them aren't translated yet.. *sigh* [/quote]

Some craftyrina-friendly ones provided a translation along with the original text though *hints*[/quote]You are the best, Fujak ;-)

[quote='PseudoZero','index.php?page=Thread&postID=28429#post28429']Is there some other method to trigger Elaine.
I have the black statue from the temple, but I didn't get a quest message or something else.
I heard from the beard, can someone tell me, how and where I can find him?[/quote]I wil have a look at her quest state, perhaps I can figure it out. Otherwise, i have to ask Firefox, which would take a but because he is busy with other stuff at the moment.

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