PLease help

I have problem with abandoned hostel , i cannot eneter it , afetr fight with zombies i found trap door but when he says ,,do you want to,, there is no dipley option to chose only walk straght or interupt journy

Hi, do you have the latest patch (1.33a)? Are you playing through steam or do you have a DVD-version?

It could help, if you attach your savegame and the file output_log.txt from the game folder.

please start the game, load a savegame near the event with the abandoned hostel and try to enter it. Then upload the output_log again directly after it.

[quote='gploca','index.php?page=Thread&postID=92324#post92324']do you know what is ,,GLASS VIAL,,[/quote]
an empty Glass bottle. You get one when you drink a potion or you can buy them at traders.

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