Patch 1.32ny, 22nd of January, 2014, 1:30 p.m. (GMT+2)

  • XP only up to 2 levels above opponent level (before: 3)
  • Auto-Adaptive terrain performance (at framelimit 30)
  • Modding: Check existance of modded item definitions. Warn and ignore items
  • Modding: Questmarker for any building possible
  • New Village and Travel encounters
  • Felsteyn castle door fixed
  • Room checkbonus fixed
  • Minimap recenter after Fullscreen-Map was moved
  • Armory free goods fixed
  • Tavern no more beer/getting drunk for dead/unconscious characters
  • Upper Orken stalls fixed
  • Travelmap Questmarker improved
  • Endurance check error for dead characters fixed
  • Camp duty saving fixed
  • Camp on the sea prevented
  • Hunger and Thirst do not rise on sea journeys any more
  • more journey hangs fixed
  • Griffins Riddle fixed
  • Kukris effect rebalanced (0-5 damage per combat round instead of 20-96 damage at once)
  • Combat animations accelerated
  • Gardianum now protects against Ignifaxius
  • Gardianum won’t protect against Fulminictus fixed
  • Horriphobus now only works on human opponents
  • Horriphobus victim only flees when 8 points remaining skill are reached (before: Victim won’t attack caster). stacking is possible
  • Ranged attacks armor impair fixed
  • Status update for combatants improved
  • Endbattle exclusion of non-fighters fixed
  • Autobattle pause after current characters move when showing the Esc-Menu
  • Icons for active Autobattle and forced march improved
  • “dancing” combatants bug fixed
  • Hangs in autobattle fixed
  • Klarum Purum effect fixed (removes poisons)
  • Button “repeat last action” fixed
  • Autobattle and enemies now use magic again
  • Ranged skills can only be improved up to 5 fixed
  • Damage despite of “missed shot” fixed (the target evaded, but the damage was dealt anyways)
  • Falcon’s Vision spell fixed
  • Break Domination spell fixed

Mini-Update for all
  • Bare Hands Problem at the blacksmith fixed
  • Textcolors in battle adapted (VI-Loss player = red, VI-Loss enemy = green, AE-Loss = blue)

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