Version 1.02

Hail to the twelve!

And a nice weekend to you all! After some minor problems arose after our Hotfix 1.01 and some old little bugs were still in there, we didn't want to wait too long and hereby present to you Version 1.02:

  • Checks for talents and spells inserted into the tooltips
  • Check for haggling at traders made a little easier
  • Fixed a missing translation in trader window
  • Modding: new modifier "nomoodcost", if a party member has this effect, no mood cost is deducted
  • In Kvirasim, Tiefhusen, and Lowangen, you can now read reports on the Third Orc Storm.
  • Trader kickout repaired in Lowangen
  • Aumond handling has been fixed
  • Ranged combat sound handling adapted, it should now match the volume to the other combat sounds
  • Class Effect of Skald "can ask people eternally" repaired
  • Unintenionally covers repaired in the portrait bar
  • Fixed the route planner, when turning around the planned route is now removed
  • Battle stance icons are visible again
  • Effecticons are visible again
  • Reworked representation of the class specialties in the status tab and at character generation
  • Various expired effects hide correctly now
  • Enemies now take their name tag display with them when they flee
  • Prevented items getting stuck when dragging them to an empty window area
  • Ansvell has a new, peculiar trader
  • Autosave after successful fight against the battle mages
  • A problem with the crank was fixed in the Finsterkoppen pit
  • In Finsterkoppen, witches and druids are no longer eyed suspiciously when leaving the mountain
  • In Lowangen there is less pushing and jumping when you don't belong somewhere
  • The tailor in Hillhaus now has a name
  • Several items now have their correct texts displayed
  • In the blood pinnacles, you can't help yourself to loot at the Gravesh shrine more than once
  • Fixed a Problem with the flame key chest and the amulet parts in the Temple of the Nameless
Due to a mandatory security update of our engine Unity (which only affected the editor side, no worries!) it will take several hours after this message for the patch to propagate to Mac and Linux, it is available at once for windows.
Firefox ist immer schuld :)

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