Version 0.72 released

Hail to the twelve traveler!

A lot has changed in the past two weeks, and without further ado, please see for yourself:


  • The diary is now available
  • The character screen has been completely redone
  • The user interface has been completely redone
  • Attack/Parry-Deductions from armor are now using the "effective Encumbrance"-Rules, see help for details
  • Kvirasim has been improved and now features more beautiful textures and a lot of green stuff
  • Remastered track: Gashok
  • Remastered track: Healer
  • Remastered track: Trader
  • Remastered track: Blacksmith
  • Keyword dialog responses can now be saved to the notes
  • The witchbroom has been reanimated
  • The zant battle character has been reworked
  • The battlegrid brightness can now be adapted in the settings by slider
  • Kvirasim now features better support for "those cumbersome strangers don't need to be scrapped of the ground constantly"
  • Questbook, Recipes and Notes are now in the new UI design
  • Spells and Skills now have fields with 4 scrollbars each
  • The visitors of the Rahja temple are now more appropriately dressed
  • The travelmap has been reworked and now contains captions, denser woods and is more "lively" in general. Right now all captions on the map are german, a translation is being worked on.
  • There are now more NPCs in Gashok
  • Kvirasims surroundings can now be explored in a wider area
  • Random battles at night are now adapted to the average level of the party
  • There are now more NPCs in Finsterkoppen
  • The Orks received better templates, thanks to Ali Bengali from the german NLT-Board!
  • All races are now generated with fixed Vitality and Astral energy
  • It is now possible to create female orks in the character designer
  • Orks have received a special armor set
  • Gold jewelry can now be equipped as well
  • Increased character inventory slots to 35


  • Fixed a swapped display on some containers
  • Several fixes in the Finsterkoppenbinge
  • Fixed a bug where the radial menu didn't appear correctly after battles
  • Spells and skills now feature a tooltip including a prediction for the success probability when using it
  • The Map of the Finsterkoppenbinge is now moveable freely
  • Several debugging displays removed from Finsterkoppenbinge
  • Initial language choice based on steam should work correctly now
  • NPCs don't slide along the ground when standing still any more
  • Turning around when traveling works correctly again
  • Several problems with the character editor fixed
  • Battleloot is now correctly reduced by ammo used in battle
  • Settingswindow is now in the new UI design
  • Unidentified Belt of strength is now spoilerfree
  • Time display now only features hours and minutes, no more seconds
  • Can't drop into the water in Tiefhusen any more
  • Can't drop off the map in Hillhaus any more
  • Keyworddialogs in Hillhaus fixed
  • Many fixes and improvements to Phex temple riddles
  • In autobattle, the order to check which spell to use is now randomized
  • Tooltipps always remain on screen
  • Made check for waking up from unconsciousness more frequent, so e.g. levelup-vitality gain also wakes up
  • Orks aren't slightly transparent any more
  • Several travel dialogs fixed and improved
  • Items don't get stuck on the character portraits any more
  • Loot windows now don't have extra slots any more
  • Fixed some texting errors
  • "Christmas blinking" on lowest quality fixed
  • "Now entering" deactivated in Videos (like Elsurion, Sudran)
  • Clicking a junction while standing on it doesn't cause a crash any more
  • Burnt-down mill in Gashok fixed
  • No more limits to "simultaneous" tasks in camp - they were sequential to begin with
  • The "weapons" of ghosts can neither be lost nor destroyed any more
  • All elves can now increase their class spells by 2 as it should be
  • Fixed Depth of field for some NPCs in houses
  • Tiefhusen should load a lot faster now
  • Harpys now fight and die into the correct direction
  • Spells are alphabetically sorted in the character screen
  • Ranged weapons aren't indestructible any more
Coming up for the next Update: Still the battlesystem (takes longer than anticipated), some location reworks

Firefox ist immer schuld :)

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