Version 0.71 released

Updatetime! After initial release last week we are already full speed ahead into the first Updates! Current plan is to have at least biweekly updates, with changes that are worth it getting their own update in between the regular schedule. Biggest changes in this update are the character generator and levelups, both are fully operational again and were extended with a "simplified" mode. In Detail:

New Features

  • The character generator is now available. As an intermediate step you can "roll" the looks of your characters from a given set specific per class until the actual character designer is implemented
  • A simplified system for character creation has been introduced. You can switch between simplified and classic at any time in the settings
  • Levelups are now operational
  • A simplified system for levelups has been introduced. You can switch between simplified and classic at any time in the settings
  • There are a lot more different camp fights now, and they are better applied according to the current location
  • Part of the startrail quest was buggy, it can now be played from beginning to end
  • 6 new battle arenas in night lighting have been added
  • The fog of war on maps is now a lot more detailed. Disclaimer: This change breaks your already explored parts on the maps of dungeons and towns, you need to reexplore
  • Tiefhusen has received citizens
  • Opacity of windows has been increased for readability
  • wells in towns can now be used to refill your water supplies
  • Tiefhusen: An animation for traveling with Hensger has been introduced
  • Binge: The lore ride received a simple animation
  • Small hints added to the phex temple
  • Made some balancing adjustments for journeys
  • Set default framelimit to 60. Can be deactivated by mod or in schweif_data/_data/globalsettings.xml
  • Stores in towns now are open from 6 am to 8 pm
  • The fishing-hook received a (described) snell
  • Random battles on journeys have received better balancing capabilities
  • Help has been improved and exteded with new information. Still accessible with F1 or Questbook -> Help
  • Tooltips for the two icon buttons in the item window

Bugfixes and improvements

  • Several battle avatars which got stuck repeatedly have been fixed
  • The developer contact form has been fixed and now automatically attaches the output_log.txt and consolelog.txt files of your current session to better find the problem you have
  • A spoiler in the loading screen has been removed
  • There were some memory leaks on the travel map which have been removed
  • Some dialogue errors have been fixed
  • Some texting errors have been fixed
  • There are "town limits" now that prevent the party from leaving accessible areas
  • Some container dialogs received a suitable image
  • All 4 market booths in Kvirasim are now working correctly
  • The bridge in Gashok has been made safer
  • A wrong reference to Blade of Destiny has been removed
  • Items don't get stuck on the hero portraits any more
  • Effect icons now correctly appear on top of the Portraits
  • The radial menu now correctly appears after battles
  • Binge: several smaller bugs fixed
  • The strange bar above the minimap is gone
  • Kvirasim: several smaller bugs fixed
  • Binge: even equipped items now get removed correctly (e.g. the torch at efferds sponge)
  • Tooltips and the radial menu always remain completely on screen now
  • A memory leak on saving the fog of war has been fixed

Coming up next

along with the usual bugfixes are the following
  • Improvements in battles
  • UI implementations for questbook, diary, recipes, help and so on
Firefox ist immer schuld :)

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