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I just entered ,,Old bailey,, for second time and i found hylailian fire what could i do with it, and some mage Hoshtoth is down there, he seems to be immune to classic weapon,how can i kill him

A Heshtot is a demon. You need magic weapons and direct damage spells to kill it.

Hylailian Fire is the TDE equivalent of Greek Fire. In theory, it should work like a molotov cocktail ... but I am not sure if it is implemented (I actually never used it in the old triology, so am a bit uncertain there)
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[spoiler]I haven't the full list at the moment, but in Daspota you will find some.
Use the spell "Odem Arcanum" to identify magic items in your inventory and then use the spell "Analys Arcanstructur" to find out the details.[/spoiler]
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