Thank you for your appreciation Keramzit! Regarding the portrait changes depending on state, we had to replace those by the status icons on the right side of the character. As you can see, the available portraits are beautifully drawn and were a lot of work for our main artist - and some of the portraits in there are even contributions from users. But to have all the states (normal, badly injured, sleeping, poisoned, sick) would mean having the same portrait 5 times instead of once. We were able to choose between having an average of 3 images per class and gender (where Elfs aren't differentiated), or having one image per class and gender, with 5 states. We chose variety over complexity. Making the states "visualized" in the character image will possibly be modable, but we won't be able to provide these images.

And regarding experience notices, you are right, they would be, I'll look into that.
Firefox ist immer schuld :)

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