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Verfasst: 09. Dez 2013, 14:35
von Fujak Loganson
Are you requesting fonts to be displayed based on localisation in the game? I'm not sure I understood your request.

Verfasst: 09. Dez 2013, 20:37
von craftyfirefox
That changed with 1.32, we are now using the Font Roboto Slab from Google Fonts. It supports Cyrillic Extended as far as I could see, so if you want to do the translation as a mod (which will also be supported with 1.32), have fun :).

Verfasst: 13. Dez 2013, 00:14
von craftyfirefox
Please wait for 1.32, then check again. If you still find it there, we can talk again :).