Help please! I can't stop travelling!

Hello good people, If anyone out there could be kind and lovely enough to help me I would be sincerely grateful.
I may just be being a complete moron but I can find no way, and no answers online either, as to how to stop my party from travelling on the map once I've clicked on a destination. I have come to a point where (I won't elaborate as it may be a minor spoiler to somebody) I HAVE to stop them going where they are headed but am unable. I am playing on the Playstation 4 and the PC solution I found said to click on the hourglass in the corner of the screen, but there is no such symbol on my console version. I've also referred to the in-game help section which tells me to simply select STOP TRAVELLING, but where can I find this?! I am really enjoying the game and I'm sure I've just missed something really obvious but PLEASE help me.

With gratitude and best wishes to all

Re: Help please! I can't stop travelling!

Well I'm afraid I can only beg you for your patience because this is indeed the forum for the pc versions of Star trail and Blade of Destiny likewise. There is no personal experience with console version available for most of the forum members or at least nobody but you posted about it.

Furthermore the task of porting those console version has been given to a different company than the development of the original pc versions. That was a decision by the publisher UIG as far as I know. So any bug report for console version can only be relayed to those console developers from here and we don't even know yet if they are the same as for "Blade of Destiny".
So patience ....
and while you are at it tell us which developer is mentioned in the credits of the ps4 version or more importantly who is for porting.

Re: Help please! I can't stop travelling!

Hi there and thank you so, so much for your quick and very kind reply.
I am very sorry to have joined you good people on a PC only forum, my mistake and I hope I haven't wasted too much of your time. This site, after much searching, seemed by far and away to be the best, most official and friendly place to come with my problem. The best info with regard to who has done what with the game seems to be this -
Realms of Arkania: Star Trail ©2018 UIG Entertainment GmbH. Realms of Arkania & Star Trail ©2018 attic Entertainment Software GmbH under the licence of Chromatrix GmbH. The computer game Realms of Arkania: Star Trail is published under the licence of Chromatrix GmbH.
Das Schwarze Auge is a registered trademark of Significant Fantasy Medienrechte GbR.
That's a copy and paste job I'm afraid.
I will try to get in touch with said people as per your suggestion. It is such a pity that I've encountered this issue as I was really enjoying the game. I understand that I've come to the wrong place now and do not wish to take up the valuable time of you nice people as I am certain you have far more important things to do with your time than assist me.
I would like to make it clear though just how grateful I am for your kindness, patience and of course time.
I wish you all every success and enjoyment with the game and every health and happiness in life to each of you and your loved ones,

Best wishes,


Re: Help please! I can't stop travelling!

Okay, then they didn't mention the actual developer of the console port at all ...

Although we, as players of the pc game (and even as forum moderators), cannot help you with bugs or features of the console version here, you are still welcome to stay, of course! Because there might be questions about quests or content or where to find what ... which should be the same for the console as for the pc version.

Don't worry about asking questions here!
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Re: Help please! I can't stop travelling!


It worries me that you can't find the stop button (hourglass). It should appear when you start the travel via the next waypoint, at least on pc...
Could you post a screenshot?Did you save enroute or at a camp before this happens?

On the first version 1.00 of that Blade of destiny console port they didn't have the force march button either.



This is not a PC only forum. I just stated the matter of fact that it centers around the PC version as they were the first and later on Early Access was available with Star Trail. Therefore the information on this board about console version is limited. I would guess quite a few readers were surprised to find out that Star trail is out on PS4. Which means - yes, the flow of information is that bad right now.

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