Free DLC "With Blade and Brilliance"

We are very proud to celebrate two years of Blade of Destiny HD and present this Free DLC, further enhancing the game experience which was created in cooperation with our great community, especially with our ingenious betateam: WARNING, SPOILERS AHEAD!!

Warning: Currently the DLC doesn't show up correctly in the "Additional Content" list of the main game, but it can be installed directly from the Shoppage and works just fine after that.

Additional class "juggler"
Just like in the game of '92 there is now the class "juggler".

Additional class "Skald"
A Skald is a thorwalian Bard and is now added as a separate class.

New spell "Destructibo"
This spell is able to unenchant items (like the cursed chain mail).

New spell "Fury Blood"
This spell can conjure a Heshthot as an ally in battle. This was also contained in the game of '92, but wasn't implemented in BoD HD so far. According modability was also added, allowing for more spells to conjure monsters.

Extended spell descriptions
Spell descriptions now show origin, cost, range and duration of a spell.

Glassball magic for the Magician
Adding to his set of staff spells, a magician can now also do 5 glassball spells:
Unbreakable, burning glass, protection against undead, warning gleam and ball of the clairvoyant

Elfs can now play elves songs
Elfs now own a souls musical instrument and are able to play three elves songs with it: Song of songs, magical melody and peace song. Effectively those are timebased buffs, e.g. to prevent attacks at night or to increase special magic skill values.

Witch teacher Eriala
There is now a witch named Eriala that lives in Phexcaer[spoiler] and teaches other witches the following non-witch-spells: Foramen Foraminor, Horriphobus and Master of Animals.[/spoiler]

New NPC "Gerbald from Riva"
The NPC Gerbald is situated in Auplog and has some good advice regarding the Thorwal area and its creatures. [spoiler]Starting with a party level of 3, the party can also take him as a companion. He is a mix of the classes Thorwalian and witch. If the party enter the Baerhag crypt together with Gerbald, there is a small NPC quest to regain Gerbalds broom.[/spoiler]

Complete rework of magic items
All magic items are better described in their info boxes. There is also background stories for the weapons and armors, and they were rebalanced. The background stories were written by a well-versed community member and are 100% dark eye lore compliant.

Receive the "Silver pottwhale" after ending the main quest
If the main quest is completed, the "afterfinal" savegame now contains this talisman as a reward from the hetman. The talismans only have symbolic value.

Content "Days of the nameless one" (Special thanks to Das Schwarze Auge)
There is an event now on every single of the five days of the Nameless one, to make them as special as they are supposed to be.[spoiler] The party gets attacked by a night horror, of namelss wolves and by harpies, and as a conclusion there is a battle against cultists of the Nameless One.[/spoiler]

Random Event "Tula iof Skerdu" (Special thanks to Das Schwarze Auge)
Travelling by ship the heroes can meet the ship of Tula of Skerdu and get to know more about her.

Random Event "Asleif the Bald" (Special thanks to Das Schwarze Auge)
When travelling on land the heroes might meet the skald Asleif the Bald, who will present verses from the Jurga-Song.

A warehouse in Thorwal
Thorwal has received a warehouse enabling the party to store items, for a price. This is also a showcase for the new modding-feature of Itemset-Storage and -Editing, aside from its obvious practical value.

Random camp fights increased to 20
[spoiler]There is additional random fights when resting in the open: 4 orks, 3 cultists, 3 thorwalians, 5 forest wolves, 4 ork scouts, 4 adventurers, 4 drunken robbers[/spoiler]

Claustrophobia-Effect in Dungeons
Dungeons have narrow hallways and small rooms. Not every hero used to open spaces (like wood elves) likes such locations. They seem to drag them down. [spoiler]Because of that there are claustrophobia checks in many dungeons and regular intervals now, checking whether the hero is fine or uneasy. A hero suffering from claustrophobia will lose 2 points of bravery and intuition as well as one point to attack and parry temporarily.[/spoiler]

Reworked dwarven mine in upper orcam
The dwarven mine now plays a lot like in the game from '92.

Added trapdoors on the dead ship
The dead ship received hidden trapdoors just like in the game from '92.

Added event "rotten timberwork" to the mine of prem
[spoiler]There is now a hallway in the Mine of Prem that is passable at first, but collapses behind the party to require them to unearth the way back.[/spoiler]

All keys now have a proper use
All keys findable in the game can now be used to unlock certain doors or chests. No key remains unused any more, the "carrying useless stuff around" is reduced and exploring the dungeons is more immersive.

Used several classic images as dialogue images
Many images and portraits from the game of '92 will now appear on their respective places and for respective persons in the remake as a nod to the old game.

Additional dialogue images
Many dialogues have been improved with ingame images.

Have fun with "the complete experience" of Blade of Destiny HD!
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