Typographical and other kinds of text problems

Kvirasim, Peraine temple: dialogue with the votary:
The semicircular space with seating made of tree trunks dominates the room around the small alter

Besides there is a switch between present and past tense:
A votary is carefully arranging a decoration of ferns and wildflowers. When she noticed you, she was giving you an intense look.
When she notices you, she is giving you an intense look.

Character generator:
Courage tooltip:
This can be useful in a fi ght and help to resist spells

Charisma tooltip:
A hero with high charisma will have an easier time of infl uencing or at least pacifying

Tavern game: Knife Throwing:
The opponents throw the knives on a target which ...
at a target
(and maybe a space is missing between "of 5 feet." and "The"
The aim is to make the inner ring
to hit

And again, switching between present and past tense here:
Various guest are pushing around the throwers and watched them eagerly. Even the innkeeper paused cleaning a mug. Is that a worried look on his face?
Various guests are pushing around the throwers and watching them eagerly. Even the innkeeper pauses cleaning a mug ...

Calissa hits no rings this round.
is it rings, really, or rather "ring"? To me this game sounds like a game of darts (just with knifes), and every round I have to hit one ring, don't I?
Same with
.... hits the inner rings this round
... hits the fourth rings...
You can hear occational laughter

Another one:

In the the character "features" in the character generator the word "encumbrance" (by armor) is written "encumberance", which is not correct.

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