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Re: Stuck in a swamps

yes i did both of them, nocturnix is useless without swamp rantzy,an the other document wich i found in building with zombies is some stories, when i arrive at heater plant it just says let us discover more of a swamp

Help about Artherion in Gashok

how can i finish quest in gashok, i killed thunderbrook and i got evidence ,but nobody is in forest and baileef have returned me in city, i sleept for 7 days in inns but nothing,no cutscenes Mod-edit: Corrected Artherion's name in the title so other players may find it easier if they have the same q...

O.K just be carefull not to make same errors on this , i would use same foundation for star trail,and add more expirience and levels

Higgelik castle

I found lots of gold in old ruin where hggelik sword is, but i cannot pick it up it is inside small cracked tower in the corner,and the game says you found lot of gold maybe you overlooked somthing when i try to exit castle to return back to phexcare to resuply

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