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Tuesday, March 24th 2015, 2:45am

Author: TicToc

About Star Trail

I know the devs and fans would like to see the RoA titles reach the same level of quality and popularity as Skyrim, but the problem is that so many other dev companies shoot for that same art direction – not to mention the cost, time, and resources needed. It becomes almost a given that most fantasy RPG titles that shoot for a “realistic” look, with the current game engine tech, ultimately look the same. AND if the devs fall short of the mark on quality, it will really stand out – which, sadly, ...

Friday, March 20th 2015, 3:56am

Author: TicToc

iPad/Android port?

Out of curiosity, Mordbrenner , does the developer hold the Rights to the RoA titles or does the publisher?I only ask because Star Trail would port well to an iPad (with updated graphics, of course).Stoic Studio’s “Banner Saga” comes to mind in terms of art direction that Star Trail on iPad could take; a solid game doesn't need high-end 3D graphics with AAA production costs to be a great game .Porting the game to mobile devices would reach a broader audience and the developer could bypass the cu...